Natalia Karbowska: Today one can see first years participants on TV, many of them work in governmental agencies, political parties, many created their own civil society organizations and stand actively for their position and change life of their communities for better. Definitely, they are already sucessful!

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Grants Program for girls-leaders

Every year First Step to Success program invites all girls who strive to achieve changes in their community and their country to participate in essay contest.

Every year Ukrainian Women’s Fund invites winners of First Step to Success program to participate in grants competition within the grants program for girls-leaders.

Young leaders have opportunity to receive financing from Ukrainian Women’s Fund in form of mini-grants to implement their ideas. It is the first serious and responsible try of the girls to show their leadership potential, organize own team and together bring positive changes in own communities.

Grants program supposes competition for participants, who have a complex of developed events. They are, first of all, training on proposal writing and consultation on compiling budget, permanent supervision during projects implementation and control of high quality reporting to donors.

As of today Ukrainian Women’s Fund can be proud of girls, who created own civil society organizations, implemented projects directed at supporting gender equality, improving environmental condition, helping orphans, preventing domestic violence and violence against children and many others.

On this website you can learn about all projects supported within First Step to Success program.

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