Marta Kolomayets: ...These girls are full of ideas, they are enchanted with love, Ukrainian literature, they cite poetry, believe that everything is possible in this life. They see wider, brighter and clearer. They know history, past, as it is necessary to create future. They dream not only about personal happiness, but about improving life of their environment, their communty.

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Urgent grants for women`s organizations from Ukrainian Women`s Fund

During the recent year women have played an important role in the country's events. they proved that they have an active position, want to live in a democratic state equal for everyone, which abides by human rights and respects European values. Now we can see that the gains of Maidan - especially widened role, place and voice of civil society and particularly of women in Ukrainian life - are being lost because of armed conflict in hte East of Ukraine. Women face new hallenges and problems caused by war: unemployment, violence, absence of financial and physical safety, etc. In responce to the current situation Ukrainian Women's Fund announces the call for proposals to provide small grants in an important and decisive moment for supporting women and girls.

The competition's goal is to support urgent actions and initiatives, which can contribute to promoting women's rights and protecting their interests during conflict 

The call's priorities:

  • Promoting political participation of women and their active participation in decision making at different levels
  • Counteracting violence against women
  • Women's economic empowerment
  • Assisting in establishing dialogue and understanding between women from different regions of Ukraine
  • Supporting and assisting in itegration of internally displaced persons in communities

To make urgent grants program maximally effective Ukrainian Women's Fund organized discussion on challenges and problems women face in communities during conflict by each priority, as well as possibilities to influence on solution of the listed problems. Discussion gathered opinions of representatives of women's organizations from different regions of Ukraine. You can find these findings on the UWF's website by the link. The project activities can include steps defined during discussion or other actions to influence the problem's solution.

Criteria for receiving grant:

  • The project activities addresses an urgent problem connected with crisis, which requires urgent response
  • Presence of a clear strategy to achieve quick results in improving the situation
  • Ensuring maximal efficiency of suggested actions
  • Urgent intervention within the project has a significant result
  • Team/organization has support at the local level to influence on crisis situation

General competition's budget - 900 thousand hryvnias

Maximum grant amount – 75 thousand hryvnias

Project period – 3-4 months

Pay attention! The proposals should be submitted according to a special application form marked "urgent grants". Filled electronic application form with attachments in one file (in .doc format) should e sent to

Deadline for submitting proposals: Decemer 8, 2014

Announcing results: December 15, 2014

Please, note:

  • after registering a proposal an applicant receives confirmation of project registration with registration number;
  • the UWF's final decision on the project can not be revised;
  • reasons for rejection to support aproject are not disclosed.

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