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UWF announces grants competition "Institutionsl development of youth civil society organizations"

Within the First Step to Success young women’s leadership program Ukrainian Women’s Fund would like to invite the participants of the five day’s school to take part in the competition “Institutional development of youth civil society organizations”. The program is implemented with financial support of Mama Cash.

The goal of the grant competition is to assist in institutional development of civil society organizations to strengthen young women’s movement.

We plan to support the project aimed at:

-          registration and/or development of youth organizations directed at improving professionalism, increase competitiveness of organizations, make them more visible through evaluation of organization’s capacity, elaboration of development strategies, education for staff, development of by-laws and procedures, consultations of experts, etc.

-          exchange of information and dissemination of successful experiences, which will contribute to developing and networking of youth civil society organizations through exchange programs, joint initiatives in implementing gender equality between organizations led by the First Step to Success program participants.

-          contribution to forming youth wave of women’s movement, increasing activism and involving young women in work of civil society organizations and participation in Ukrainian civil society through implementation of local projects by organizations led by the First Step to Success program participants.

The UWF starts accepting application on July 1, 2014

Deadline for submitting applications is July 15, 2014

The competition results will be announced on September 20, 2014

Project period shall be up to 6 months

Maximum grant amount is 15,000 UAH

The project proposal shall be submitted to info@uwf.org.ua.

With additional questions, please, write to Iryna Kolkovska info@uwf.org.ua.


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