That which does not kill us makes us stronger. There were number of trials in my life, and I learned to repeat for myself and for other people, that everything happens for the better, and under no circumstances one can lose heart! While we fight - we live! Ilnytska Yulia, 2012 winner

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On September 2, 2011 the program participants gethered to have training on proposals writing and project management

During summer active girls were writing their proposals and  submitted for consideration of Ukrainian Women's Fund letters of intent about their future initiatives. And in September winners of selective stage for mini-frants competition came to Kyiv to learn how to plan a project correctly, how to compile budget and implement their intentions successfully. One of the training participants shared her impression about the process.

 "On September 2, 2011 we had training on proposals writing as one of the stages of First Step to Success Program. It was such a pleasure to come in the training room and see a lot of familiar faces. As the specific character of target group was in the fact that the training brought together  not only girls-winners of this year Contest, but also previous years winners. For me pesonally this day was fruitful, informative and especially positive. A'll explain why! Informatifve because having experience of writing proposals, I found acquired information very useful; it allowed me to generalize the knowledge I have and add new one; fruitful, because all aprticipants, working in groups, joined development and «implementation» of one of proposals; and it was a positive day, as both trainer's work and general training atmosphere were rather positive, and everybody had a working mood

I think that such training is necessary for girls-leaders who strive to achieve positive changes for the entire society and for own community in particular. I would like to express my special gratitude to the trainer and organizers of this meeting! Personally I noted the diversity of projects' topics as an extremely positive factor! There is always an opportunity for us to meet again, and Ukrainian Women's Fund provides for such opportunities! Thanks for that, and besides, I wish all training participants and program winners to meet each other as often as possible and take steps to turn these meetings into decision-making ones!"

Natalia Kryvoi

We are really grateful to Hanna Voynich for conducting the training for the program participants. In the end of September the UWF expects to receive high quality, clearly planned and described projects.


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