Marta Kolomayets: ...These girls are full of ideas, they are enchanted with love, Ukrainian literature, they cite poetry, believe that everything is possible in this life. They see wider, brighter and clearer. They know history, past, as it is necessary to create future. They dream not only about personal happiness, but about improving life of their environment, their communty.

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Youth team of co-organizers of the 2012 winners meeting

In 2012 program winners of previous years joined organizational preparations for the meeting of 2012 program winners, having created youth team of co-organizers.

Organizational Committee of the First Step to Success expresses cincere gratitude


for assistance in organizing the two days' meeting of the winners of All-Ukrainian Contest of First Step to Success Youth Program. Your help was extremely necessary and useful, as conducted work helped fill the meeting with new vision, interesting ideas and efficient performance.

We once again thank and express our hope  that this successful experience of our collaboration is only a beginning, and in future we'll have a chance to work together to develop young women's leadership in Ukraine.

With respect and wish of success,

Organizational Committee

of First Step to Success

youth program


yearSurname Name Region
1 2011 AntonyanBellaZhytomyr
2 2008 Bagatsk LyubovKyiv
3 2008 Verteba Yana Donetsk
4 2007 GurnytskaEvelinaZakarpattya
5 2009 DobryakovaOlgaZhytomyr
6 2009 KozhevnikovaLidiaVolyn
7 2011 KostyukNatalia Lviv
8 2008 KryvoiNataliaZhytomyr
9 2009 MaksymchukSvitlanaVolyn
10 2007 Plyuta/Kit KhrystynaLviv
11 2006 SeredaAnna Luhansk
12 2008 Sozonyk Olga Volyn
13 2011 ShykovaKaterynaCrimea
14 2011 Yurieva Sabina Donetsk

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