Natalia Karbowska: Today one can see first years participants on TV, many of them work in governmental agencies, political parties, many created their own civil society organizations and stand actively for their position and change life of their communities for better. Definitely, they are already sucessful!

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New procedure of assessing applications for grants competition

New procedure of assessing projects

2012 mini-grants program

Ukrainian Women's Fnd launches new system of assessing applications sent to grants competition from paricipants of First Step to Success Program.

Stages of mini-grants program:

1. Submitting letter of intent to the competition.

2. Selecting the best letters of intent.

3. Training on proposal writing.

4. Searchng for non-governmental organization-partner.

5. Submitting project to the grants competition.

6. Announcing winners of grants competition.

7. Training on project management.

8. Implementing initiatives.

9. Interim reporting.

10. Final reporting.

All applications' authors take part in voting for ideas they like and giv their comments and explanations. Participants select six projects being guided by such criteria:

· potential efficiecy of the project;

· idea is realistic for implementation by a young leader;

· innovative character of an idea of form of its implementation.

The seventh project is selected by the UWF expert commission.

For more objective vote all applications will get registration number.

Winners of selctive stage will be defined by summarizing received votes.

Authors of selected letters of intent will take part in the next stage of the program, and particularly, in one-day training on writing proposals in Kyiv.

Ukrainian Women's Fund believes that young female leaders have to take part in collective decision-making concerning support for the projects.

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