Marta Kolomayets: ...These girls are full of ideas, they are enchanted with love, Ukrainian literature, they cite poetry, believe that everything is possible in this life. They see wider, brighter and clearer. They know history, past, as it is necessary to create future. They dream not only about personal happiness, but about improving life of their environment, their communty.

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New project: Youth Charity Unites Countries

Project «Youth's Charity Unites Countries»

FirstStep to Success Program

Ukraine – Moldova - Belarus

New youth project of Ukrainian Women's Fund was launched in September.

Within the project it is supposed to create and support the network of young female leaders in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, who strive to work for the benefit of local communities and are ready to involve active youth of their countries in charitable activities, thus strengthening capacities of civil society to influence on solving socially important issues at places.

On November 28 – December 1 in Kyiv (Ukraine) there will be the meeting of young activists from three countries  – Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus - to discuss successes and difficulties they face in life of their communities, to exchange experiences, the best practices, new ideas and opinions, innovative approaches and techniques, as well as to develop strategy of joint actions to strengthen youth women's movement. As a result it will contribute to:

  • personal growth of the project participants – acquiring new knowledge, skills and practices,
  • creating a network of young activists ready to work effectively for the benefit of their communities,
  • development of youth women's movement in three countries,
  • implementation of joint effective actions at places.

To participate in the project we invite young activists aged 20-25, who have not less than 3 years' experience of work in social sector, particularly on leading positions, and are ready to present new findings in solving socially important problems of their communities. it is important for participants to represent activities in different spheres of society, particularly, education, health protection, ecology, rule of law, social activism, etc.

To participate in the project it is necessary to submit an application before November 2, 2012 to the partner organization in one of the countries.

Conditions of participation in the contest you can download here.

Application form can be downloaded here.

Pay attention that the project's working language is Russian.

The project is implemented by Ukrainian Women's Fund within First Step to Success Program with support of East-East program of the International Renaissance Foundation (Soros Foundation in Ukraine).

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