Marta Kolomayets: ...These girls are full of ideas, they are enchanted with love, Ukrainian literature, they cite poetry, believe that everything is possible in this life. They see wider, brighter and clearer. They know history, past, as it is necessary to create future. They dream not only about personal happiness, but about improving life of their environment, their communty.

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The UWF supported projects within 2013 mini-grants program

Within 2013 mini-grants competition Ukrainian Women's Fund supported 5 projects submitted by winners of this year's First Step to Success contest.

This year Ukrainian Women's Fund introduced a new form for evaluating and making decision concerning projects submitted to the competition. Within the First Step to Success mini-grants program the submitted projects on improving the lives of local communities were evaluated and voted by the applicants themselves. The girls had opportunity to give own evaluations, express their attitude and provide recommendations to ideas described by other participants. In fact, none of projects was left unmarked, each was noted as worthy to be supported, and such «self-evaluation» became a vivid reflection of understanding the problems by active youth.

Participants' evaluations and experts' decisions were summirized to get the final result.


We sincerely congratulate the winners and wish them successful implementation of their projects!


The following projects were supported in 2013:

Project leader: Gorbach Natalia

Region: Kherson

Porject title: Open your Heart

Description: Establishing relationships and understanding between community and people with disabilities, acquiring practical skills of youth's active participation in city's life, forming tolerant, positive attitude of youth to «special» people, involving youth in philanthropic activities and volunteering. The project will be implmeneted through actions, events, flash mobs, photo exhibitions, billboards, etc.


Project leader: Shegda Natalia

Region: Lviv

Project title: "Women in Power" or "Women's Steps in Politics".

Description: Helping young activists realize themselves in local governance through conducting trainings for girls and meetings with successful women, as well as organizing internships in local governance bodies.


Project leader: Kotelnikova Julia

Region: Odesa

Project title: "One battery from one family - 400 liters of clear Tuligul water".

Description: Solving the problem of waste batteries discharge on the territory of villages close to Tuligul lagoon through creating p[oints for collecting batteries in 12 educational institutions and 2 regional landskape parks; raising ecological awareness and consciousness of local population through conducting educational seminars "Waste around us".


Project leader: Bezsmertna Viktoria

Region: Zhytomyr

Project title: "Legal education for activists of students' self-governance in higher educational institutions of Zhytomyr

Description: Raising awareness of human rights issues among students' self-governance activists in Zhytomyr higher educational institutions; raising the level of knowledge of HEI students concerning their rights and responsibilities through conducting trainings, educational quests and publishing journal.


Project leader: Markiv Maria

Region: Ivano-Frankivsk

Project title: "I CAN BECAUSE I WANT!"

Description:  During a lecture-training young women and girls will have opportunity to learn how to detail their dreams/wishes, set goals, compile a strategic plan to achieve goals, determine priorities, learn to use time reasonably.

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