Marta Kolomayets: ...These girls are full of ideas, they are enchanted with love, Ukrainian literature, they cite poetry, believe that everything is possible in this life. They see wider, brighter and clearer. They know history, past, as it is necessary to create future. They dream not only about personal happiness, but about improving life of their environment, their communty.

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Striding to Success - Dekhtyariova Oksana, 2007 program winner, Luhansk

First step... Success... Ukrainian Women's Fund... Leadership... For me these words became almost synonims, as they have arisen my warmest and the most positive associations for several years - since the moment I became a winner of First Step to Success Program 2007, which was a real start to the adult success in life (Oksana wrote this story in 2009). For two years after the meeting with famous women of Ukraine in Kyiv a lot has changed in my life, and, certaily, in positive direction. Now I am the leader of NGO «Youth Regional Collaboration Center», which was created by the initiatives of participants n the project «I am Ukrainian Woman» implemented within First Step o Success grants program.

I am very pleased to think that fr today I achieved international acknowledgement as youth civil society activst. I am invited to some internatinal trainings to be trainer and participant, and sometimes even without filling application form. last year I took part in a study visit to  Sweden and on behalf of our Center established collaboration with Swedish non-governmental organizations: now we have two-years' project on youth democracy financed by SIDA. This year I became one of four Ukrainians who took part in international human rights program «Leadership in Action», which took place in Poland and France – I had opportunity to visit these two countries. Besides, in June 2009 by recommendation of my educational institution - T. Shevchenko Luhansk National University - for excellent study and scientific work I got scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. All these are real successes! I can't explain in a few words how much happy I am!!! And I won't be afraid to say that I am «successful person»!

 And I am very proud that sometimes two years ago a girl from Luhansk, a little worried and unaware what would be further, came to Kyiv to the meeting with famous women, received enormous experience, which is now an integral part of all my achievements and successes..

 I can't say that everything was easy. No! I met a lot of difficulties. But now, when I came through these with "firststep's" confidence and belief in success, all these seems not so hard. The main thing is to work for the set goal, to plan, to dream, to achieve goals and be supported by surrounding people.

As for the plans for the future: I am planning to graduate from University, continue scientific activities, create (or rather increase) a family, develop our Youth Center, remain the leader and be the human! I dream to have intrenship to European Commission in Brussels or to one of UN Representative office in Beijing. I believe that one of my dreams will come true.     

Aristotle wrote that «beginning is half of deed, and the main thing is to begin...» It is really so... For me First Step to Success was the beginning, and I am happy I had a luck to be its participant!!!

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